Invest Ontario is the central agency for businesses and investors to discover what others from around the province and globe have already realized—that Ontario is a top-tier destination for investment and strategic business growth. The agency will drive greater economic growth, support strategic domestic firms and attract business from around the world.

Vast, Young & Diverse

Ontario has a diverse population of more than 14 million and is home to 40% of Canada’s population. It is one of North America’s largest jurisdictions. Ontario is also younger than the rest of the G7. Millennials, those aged 18 to 34, are the largest generation in many of our largest cities, including Toronto, Ottawa and Kitchener-Waterloo. Indeed we’ve welcomed people from more than 150 countries, a diversity expressed in the symphony of languages spoken on our streets.

What Invest Ontario Does

Ontario is the economic engine of Canada. In the 20th century, Ontario’s economy was built on the strength of traditional industries: natural resources, manufacturing, farming and food production. Those mainstay sectors remain vibrant, even as they retool to apply new technologies and innovations to compete in the digital age.

Ontario is also where the new economy has emerged in force. It’s where financial services are broadening into fintech and revolutionizing the way we invest. Where artificial intelligence is ushering in the era of safer, cleaner connected transportation. And where stem cell research is leading to a world where we cure and even prevent deadly diseases.

That’s what’s special about Ontario: it’s where new innovations, platforms and technologies meet the muscle of the industrial economy. It’s a place to test new ideas. A place that can drive real economic growth for the next generation.

10 Reasons to Invest in Ontario

2nd largest IT cluster
in North America

Corporate Tax Rate
for Manufacturing

STEM grads
per year

Home to
North America’s
2nd largest
financial hub

Nearly $2.6 billion per day in goods and services trade with the U.S.

Free trade agreements
with 51 countries
reaching 1.5 billion consumers

71% of Ontario
adults possess a

The Global Skills Strategy offers quick work permit processing for highly skilled talent – 10 business days

Ontario cities consistently rank among the best places to live & work in North America

Employer Healthcare Contributions 1/3 the cost
of the U.S. Average

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